The Bandag Bullet. Officially the world’s fastest truck.

The Bandag Bullet is the world’s fastest truck after blasting down the runway at the Queensland International Air Show held at Bundaberg Airport and smashing the world record for a one kilometre run - all on the world famous standard issue Bandag cold process retreads and new Bridgestone tyres.

The Bandag Bullet set the record for a conventionally powered truck, achieving an average speed of 182.14 kph over one kilometre from a standing start. The Bullet took just 19.76 seconds to cover the distance, reaching a calculated terminal speed of 305.5 kilometres per hour.

This easily eclipses the existing record held by a Swedish manufacturer and set in September 2001 of 155.7 kph over the same distance.

Carried out under the auspices of officials from the Guinness Book of Records, driver Frank Gaffiero and the Bandag Bullet racing team expect written confirmation of their place in history shortly.

Bandag Marketing Manager, Mr. Greg Nielsen, said: “The Bullet has proved over and over again that Bandag retreads and Bridgestone premium new tyres are the most reliable truck tyre products available and this is constantly proved by performing burnouts, spins and drag racing events that demand the best of tyres under extreme conditions.

The Bandag Bullet The World's Fastest Truck

"The combination of Bridgestone and Bandag brings together tyre technology that is second to none. As an indication of how good the Bandag cold process retread system is it is not unusual to retread the same Bridgestone cases for the Bullet up to 15 times." - Greg Nielsen


For the record attempt, the Bullet was fitted with new Bridgestone R294 275/70R22.5 tyres on the steer, and Bridgestone M729 315/80R22.5 cases that had been retreaded with Bandag cold process retreads on the drive.

The 24 litre (1500 cubic inch) Bullet is powered by two V8 92 series engines linked together with two superchargers and four turbo chargers. When injected with nitrous oxide the power is boosted to an amazing 2,800 horsepower. The truck weighs in at eight tonnes and has some 5,600 ft/lb of torque on tap.

The Bandag Bullet The World's Fastest Truck

The Making of a Legend

In 1983, Bandag Manufacturing Pty Ltd negotiated an agreement to sponsor Frank Gaffiero using his White Expeditor Truck as a Bandag Tyre Test Vehicle. Thus the “Bandag Bullet” was born.

Frank Gaffiero controls the wheel behind the Fastest Diesel Truck in the World and manoeuvres the eight tonne “Bullet” with tight precision in performing the world famous and spectacular 360 degree burnouts and spinouts.

There is no tougher, torture test for tyres and the Bandag retreads have never let Frank down. If they work on the Bandag Bullet they can work for any other transport operator.

Frank takes the Bandag Racing Team around Australia in his magnificent Transporter, performing and promoting the strength and durability of Bandag Retreads.

The Bandag Bullet. Mechanical Specification

Basic TruckKenworth T400
EngineDetroit Diesel with two V8 92s fitted with two blowers, four turbo chargers and injected nitrous oxide. The original 75mm injectors have been increased to 265mm pistons. Con rods, crankshafts and camshaft have been balanced. Cylinders heads and air boxes have been ported and polished.
Capacity25 litres or 1500 cubic inches.
Output2200hp at 300rpm which can be boosted to 2800hp with the use of nitrous oxide.
TransmissionAllison Transmission CR 8000 series
Rear AxleEaton 2300 series with Detroit no spin locker
SuspensionFitted with watts link assembly and latter bars.
TyresBandag Cold Process Retreads standard compound Rib Trac tread on 11R22.5 Bridgestone radial casings for burn outs and 305/70R22.5 for drag racing.
WeightEight tonnes
DriverFrank Gaffiero
SpecialistsCPF Detroit
ConstructionThe Bullet has been re-designed and assembled by Charlie Gaffiero