Bridgestone M845

The Greatec M845 455/55R22.5 offers features made for high-scrub, urban environments. Because it's a wide base tire, it allows for heavier loads, which mean fewer trips for your trucks. It comes with next-generation WavedBelt technology that helps reduce irregular shoulder wear. Plus, its high-quality Bridgestone casing is highly retreadable.

  • Stone rejector platforms prevent stones from pushing deeper into tread grooves and piercing belt later, damaging belts and exposing them to rust.
  • Wide grooves help reduce the risk of groove cracking and combat retention of damaging stones for enhanced retreadability.
  • Aggressive block pattern designed with multiple gripping edges to promote wet traction.
  • Continuous shoulder offers long, even wear and reduced rolling resistance by controlling movement of the ribs and blocks during rotation.