Firestone Forestry Special

Firestone Forestry Special tyres are built specifically for logging service under the world's toughest conditions. Manufactured with patented compounds such as CRC (Cut Resistant Compound), they offer unsurpassed strength and durability.

Purpose-designed to meet the demands of higher horsepower machines and heavier loads, with optimum angled tread bars 25% deeper in the centre, and up to 42% thicker than agricultural tyres, to protect against cuts, snags and tears. Logging is no place place for amateurs or imitators, not for people who work there and not for the tyres they depend on. You can rely on Firestone brand forestry tyres to deliver the preformance and value you need when it matters most.

  • Flatter crown for more even wear
  • Deeper lugs for longer tread life
  • More lugs for better traction
  • 23 degree tread bars are 25% deeper at centre
  • Heavy-duty bead and rim protector helps keep out debris
  • Tread bars 42% thicker than agricultural tyres