Introducing the complete fuel saving tyre solution from Bridgestone

The Bridgestone Ecopia M749 drive and R109 trailer truck tyres combined with market-leading Bandag retreads BDL3 drive and BRL3 for Trailer truck tyres form the perfect solution to help you slash fuel costs without compromising on tyre performance.

Using less fuel also translates into lower CO2 emissions. With Ecopia and Bandag you can improve your green credentials as well as your bottom line.

How much could you save? 

Switching from the Bridgestone premium product to Ecopia can save you up to 6% in fuel costs

This means that if you are spending $1,000,000 per year in fuel, simply switching from Bridgestone premium brand tyres to Bridgestone Ecopia tyres can save you up to $60,000 per year.

This could unlock the profits you need to stay viable in the face of rising fuel prices.

Proven results

Bridgestone Ecopia has been extensively tested not only in the laboratory but also importantly with Bridgestone fleet customers on New Zealand roads. 

Both the M749 Drive and R109 Trailer tyres offer a comparable wear life to standard tyres and do not compromise when it comes to durability, irregular wear resistance or wet performance.


†Figures based on rolling resistance measurements of Bridgestone premium product and Bridgestone Ecopia then correlated to fuel savings using rolling resistance quotients calculated from Secrets of Better Fuel Economy, published by Cummins in 2006. Actual fuel consumption savings will depend on factors such as vehicle configuration, load, speed and driving style. *For more information on quoted figures download the brochure.