There’s no denying the importance of tyres for a car.

When you consider the equivalent of just one hand print of tread per tyre makes contact with the road at any given time, it’s essential to know you and your family are in safe hands.

Car tyres may all look the same, but Bridgestone has developed tyres to cater to all motorists and the different cars they drive – small cars, luxury cars, prestige cars and sports cars, as well as 4x4s and SUVs.

Researching tyres online will reveal there could be more than one option for the car you drive, so here’s Bridgestone’s guide to the best tyres to meet your needs.

Bridgestone named ‘Most Trusted Tyre Brand’

For the second year running, Bridgestone has been named the Most Trusted Tyre Brand in New Zealand. The market leading tyre company is recognised around the world for its products and services, which combine the very best in performance, safety and quality.


Most Trusted Tyre Brand