Bridgestone Ecopia EP300

The Ecopia EP300 is engineered for superior performance, giving you better safety and increased savings.

Using low rolling resistance technology to consume less fuel to power the tyre forward, the EP300 is a saving for your back pocket and the environment.

  • Low rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced wet grip performance for safety
  • Improved design for longer lasting life

Fuel Saving

Bridgestone Ecopia EP300
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When you want it all

The Ecopia EP300 is engineered for superior performance, giving you better safety and increased savings.

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Ep300 better safety and savings

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EP300 optimised crown shape

Optimised Crown Shape

This ensures more even contact pressure between the tyre and road surface, which contributes to better rolling resistance, wet grip and wear life.


Rounding the block edges of the tyres prevents deformation, boosting braking performance in both wet and dry conditions.

EP300 chamfering

Nano Pro-Tech™ rubber

The cutting-edge compound contributes to improved wet grip and reduced rolling resistance. The EP300 has improved rolling resistance compared to its predecessor. This is due to its high‑dispersing silica that not only increases the contact area, but reduces energy loss.

Superior wet braking

The Ecopia EP300’s improved grip levels mean a shorter braking distance on wet road surfaces. In a wet braking test a vehicle’s stopping distance is measured from a speed of 80km/h in 2mm depth of standing water*.

EP300 Superior wet braking graph

*Bridgestone Thailand Proving Ground, vehicle Toyota Camry, tyre size 215/60R16 95V, speed 80km/h, water level 2mm.

Put yourself in safe hands.

Put yourself in safe hands.

More than just tyres

More than just tyres

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Find the right tyre

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New Zealand's most trusted tyre

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