Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 001

The H/L 001 is the newest Ecopia SUV tyre which reflects Bridgestone’s advanced technology and commitment to innovation.

The ideal SUV tyre for city and highway driving, it delivers fuel efficiency, safer wet grip and excellent wear life.

  • Improved tread design and compound that enhances grip on wet roads
  • Optimised contact patch for excellent wear resistance and long tyre life
  • Low rolling resistance for fuel efficiency
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The Ecopia H/L 001 uses Bridgestone’s advanced compound, Nano Pro-Tech, which strengthens the bond between silica and polymer, reducing heat generation for improved wet grip and lower rolling resistance. By reducing energy loss, the Nano Pro-Tech compound delivers fuel saving capabilities and longer wear life.

EP300 chamfering

Leading safety in both wet and dry conditions

Ecopia H/L 001’s tread design and compound delivers when it matters most - in wet conditions.

The advanced technology results in 12% shorter stopping distance in the wet thanks to its chamfered sipes and optimised crown shape.

Leading safety in both wet and dry conditions

Excellent wear life and improved contact patch

An optimised contact patch with the road provides even wear as well as performance benefits.

Excellent wear life and improved contact patch

Improved tread design

Ecopia H/L 001 utilises the latest advancements in tread design. The optimised crown shape maximises contact with the road and helps contribute to a lower rolling resistance, while the round rib edge and chamfering sipe helps improve braking performance, especially in the wet.


Superior ride comfort and low road noise

The reinforced sidewall helps reduce noise and vibration, making for a comfortable ride for city and highway conditions.

Improved tread design
Improved Performance

The Ecopia H/L 001’s development is a demonstration of Bridgestone’s commitment to technology and innovation.

The advanced design and features of the H/L 001 delivers improved wear life and handling compared to its predecessor, the EP850. The improved tread design and reinforced sidewall reduces noise levels and provides a more comfortable ride while also improving braking and handling performance.

Improved Performance